Benefiting “Salmon in the Classroom”

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Practice casting at Salmon Summit
Salmon Release Columbia Park
Tri-Citeis, Washington
Tri-Cities, Washington

Tickets may be purchased at any of our Tri-City store locations listed below. All of our derby profits will go to the LOCAL Salmon iin the Classroom Education project , benefiting our local area youth in having a positive outdoor experience! You receive the right to fish all days of our derby and weigh in one fish, A BBQ dinner after the final day of weigh in, and a door prize per entrant and a chance at the door prizes, while contributing to a very important youth project. Ticket sale are final, no exchange or refund, however they are transferable.

$60 - Adult 16 & older SKU 251780
$30 - Youth 15 and younger SKU 251781
$15 - Extra Dinner Ticket SKU 260113
                     1 Banquet / Award Dinner included with Derby Ticket Purchase
Tri-Cities Locations
Geo Way Ace Hardware
1415 George Washington Way
Richland, Wa 99355
Hours 8am - 8pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun
Keene Ace Hardware
103 Keene Road
Richland, Wa 99352
Hours 8am - 8pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun
Griggs Department Store
801 West Columbia
Pasco, Wa 99301
509-547-0566            Hours 9am - 7pm 7 Days




Available at Griggs Department Store Starting June 19th 2014 10am
Available at all Tri-Cities Ace stores starting June 26th, 2014 
Everybody on the boat is required to have a derby ticket.

Kennewick Ace Hardware
2831 West Kennewick Ave
Kennewick, Wa 99356
Hours 8am - 8pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun


What’s Included with a ticket?

Your purchase includes the contribution of helping our area youth. Through this program, students can hatch salmon eggs at school, learn about salmon lifecycle and habitat and learn how to test water quality. The salmon are released at the SALMON SUMMIT Event at Columbia Park the first week in May.

But that’s not all:

* The right to weigh one salmon per ticket for the entire derby

* The right to fish all three posted derby dates, 3 days, in all.

* The right to weigh a fish in each day, replacing the smallest fish with the larger one you

    Catch. Want to weigh & place more than one fish for the entire derby, buy another ticket in        advance (prior to fishing). You can fish each day replacing smaller fish with larger, however, you can only weigh one total fish for the derby per ticket.

* Admittance to the Banquet / Awards banquet with BBQ dinner

* Chance at other weight prizes

* All Awards Banquet attendees that purchases a derby ticket will receive a door prize


You may enter more than one salmon buy purchasing additional tickets in advance. One ticket allows you to fish each day of the derby. You can weigh One total fish for the derby with the same ticket. If you catch a larger salmon The next day,  you can replace the smaller salmon from the previous day or the same day*. If you purchase more than one ticket in advance, maximum of two, you can weigh one extra salmon per ticket  or two total for the derby, following the same guidelines as the first salmon.    *The extra ticket must have been purchased prior to catching the fish. In other words, you can’t catch a larger salmon that earlier in the day, then go purchase a ticket and enter the fish. Ticket must have been purchased prior to fishing.                        


We want to thank everybody that purchases a ticket. Please remember that 100% of the profits for this derby goes to the SALMON IN THE CLASSROOM project. So, every expense we can prevent, goes directly to this cause. Anybody wanting to make an additional donation to PROJECT may do so at the time of ticket purchase.   

Only 250 tickets will be sold.  Ticket sale are final, no exchange or refund, however they are transferable. Contact store for details.

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Tickets must be picked up in-store for any purchase incentives and are only available while they last.

Desert Aire / Mattawa /Vernita Area
519 Main Street S
Mattawa, Wa 99349
509-932-5708           Hours Contact Store