Benefiting “Salmon in the Classroom”

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Practice casting at Salmon Summit
Salmon Release Columbia Park
Tri-Citeis, Washington
Tri-Cities, Washington

2011 Atomic Salmon Derby Award winners

77 Fish weighed in over Two Days.

                                       Final standings


               Name                     Weight

1st      Gene Ellis                     33.10    $1500 Visa Gift Cards

           Caught on Guide Boat with Guide Jeremy Wisdom

2nd    Bob Anderson                27.50    

3rd     David Boone                  24.45    

4th     Brock Miller                   24.35    

5th     Dan Charbonar              23.55     

6th     Lonnie Osterhelm           23.08     

7th     Scott Mosshart               22.20     

8th     Scott Rowe                   20.56      

9th     Ron White                    20.20      

            Caught on Guide Boat with Guide Jeremy Wisdom


10th    Rory Bergere                19.90      

Smallest Fish    Jerrod Gibbons   .78 lb  



         Name                        Weight

1st   Layne Heaton               13.70    

2nd   Wiley Flohr                 11.14    

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Gene Ellis and his 33.10 pound Top Place Winner!