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Practice casting at Salmon Summit
Salmon Release Columbia Park
Tri-Citeis, Washington
Tri-Cities, Washington

A few derby FAQ answered here:

I don’t live local and want to fish the Vernita area. How do I get tickets?

Easy, use our ONLINE TICKET purchased option and the choose INSTORE PICKUP when you check out. We will scan a copy of your ticket and e-mail it to you.  Just be sure to have in hand when you weigh in.

I am going out with a guide, do they have to have a ticket?

Yes,  is the short answer. All persons fishing in the boat must have a ticket. Since we have not control over who is catching fish on a boat, it is in the best interest of all fishing to follow this rule. It is not that we have a trust issue, but question has come up from others on the water, when multiple persons are fishing from the same boat. So, we have this rule.


Can you replace a smaller fish with a larger fish on the same day? Yes, providing you are in line prior to the daily weigh in deadline. However, that would mean you would weigh a fish at the earliest weigh time possible and have only a few hours left to fish at most.

Can I fish BUOY 10 or other places on the Columbia? Yes,  just remember, the salmon catch has to be fresh (see rules), and you have to make it back prior to the weigh in deadline. Our derby is open to ALL WASHINGTON STATE legal waters.


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